Born in Cannes, doctor of pharmacy and biology, graduated from Montpellier University, I chose, to my mum's great disappointment, to live my passion for horses.

Naturally quite discreet, I don't like to build myself up and list my achievements.

I can however reveal the secrets that enabled me to take my horses to compete at international levels: patience, gentleness and above all, work, work and work!

Besides, my horses all have something in common. They are easy to ride and respond to simple instructions.

Not a horse dealer myself, but all of my horses being up for sale one day or the other, I try to arrange happy marriages between each of them and its future rider.

Even du Vallon et moi à la Bécassière
Membre de l'Équipe de France de CSO
Meilleure cavalière française

Je prépare votre futur cheval Joëlle Caïraschi Dagut Joëlle Caïraschi Dagut